When Will You Have Your Moment


Start how many of you want to determine more fund pay attention it you can’t manufacture more fund if you don’t know what we’re doing here so the first thing is to decide hey I’m in the right place.

Those people had to walk in that Stadium last-place night time say hey we in the right place yeah adult okay and then they are likely said guy we got a shot here we got the chance to earn a Super Bowl freedom.

You came to work today this is not a Super Bowl unless you want it to be but I’m gonna tell you something if you don’t get your life ready right now if you don’t start acting right now like you’re in the Super Bowl you’re never gonna make one anyway.

Even when you do conclude more I make if you look at that minor last night what’s his figure uh Nick Nick oh he’s been sitting on the sidelines for years over look for years.

What you do right now every day even if you hate your job I predict you I predict you this will happen in your life if you can learn how to embrace every moment like this is a Super Bowl.

The working day you’re gonna get your shot you’re gonna get your shot but you’re not your kill will not show up if you’re not ready because even if you even if it shows up if you’re not ready you won’t be able to see it.

So what you do every day your this is a your real beings okay there was only what 50 chaps that are gonna they were in that thought last night everybody’s got a chance to be Nick Foles everybody that’s what they got proof abide ready abide ready look for possibilities.

Show up then what the you know maybe he gets hurt perhaps he gets hurt and I came I got to go in you got to be part of a unit for this to happen. It doesn’t happen to beings that are just going out into the world by themselves it going to happen to parties that are on the team okay everyone is acquired in such situations by the way so stay ready stay ready look for the opportunity attend where you can connect to the game gets a little more connected to the game.


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