I C but do I C I?

I C is something which was adapted from a John C. Maxwell philosophy called “The Power of Five” and as such I embraced that and multiplied it twice to “10X” (credit to Grant Cardone).

I C with my eyes, mind and spirit things that can inspire, evolve & empower me, but also what may be holding me back?

I C also stands for the ‘Inner Critic’. Anytime we feel judgement, self doubt or even self sabotage, this may be our Inner Critic attempting to disempower us and hold back our unlimited potential.

What do we do about this, you might ask?

It start’s with having the awareness that it is happening, then reinforce what story you are telling yourself!

Then you can refer back often to the visual above and be empowered by what you C and ask yourself, “do I C I“?

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