Difference between marketing and prospecting

Hello my name is Shane Adams and this is about a distinction that I think is very important online and applies to offline as well but it’s most imperative online and that is the difference between marketing and prospecting.

So what is the difference between marketing and prospecting? With marketing what we’re doing is we’re creating a piece of content whether that’s a live video a pre-recorded video, whether it’s a podcast or a piece of written content something that you’re hoping the unnamed individual is going to reach out to and connect with you and and expressed interest in whatever you’re talking about or promoting whether it be a product service opportunity or whatever whatever cause is that that your content is about.

So that’s marketing, as I said creating something online and offline it could be a fly or anything anything anything to that effect as well any kind of article even though even a year a column in a you know in a magazine or a newspaper anything like that today an unknown individual or any one individual is going to is going to is going to respond to and it’s going to contact you and they’ll reach out to you and want more information on whatever it is that you are you’re talking about or you’re describing in your content so they did that is marketing just to clarify that.

Now a prospecting is when you actively go out and find people that are open and interested in whatever you have to offer your product, service or opportunities that’s prospecting actively going on whether it’s social media or prospecting people offline just asking somebody asking anyone if they are open to your product service or opportunity wanting to know if they want to know more about what are this deal you’re offering. Again that is prospecting.

it’s really a big distinction, and it’s important to remember and define because in order to be really successful it’s important you do both, you can do one or the other and a lot of people tend to focus on their on marketing because prospecting is something that is a skill to be learnt. It is vital to getting people attracted to you and getting leads. Prospecting is definitely a big part of the equation so I would recommend you do both though especially if you are in network marketing or any kind of internet marketing I would recommend especially network marketing I recommend you do a mixture of prospecting and marketing.

 In order to have success especially in the beginning if you’re just starting out particularly in network marketing then with prospecting so that’s another thing with prospecting that’s an active thing you’re pursuing and you control how many people that you’re reaching out to, whereas marketing is passive you can’t control that.

What you can control of the marketing aspect is the frequency of the content that you’re creating you really can’t control how long it will take for people to reach out to you beginning when you just start putting your content out there and when you’re just getting known. You’ll get a lot more done soon and get a lot more business happening sooner if you actively prospect whether that be online or offline that’s just the fact.

Just to clarify you will get a lot more done if you focus on prospecting initially and then your marketing efforts will pay off in the long term if you are consistent about it doing it thoroughly or at least a few times a week if not if not at the minimum you know once a week depending on what your schedules like and what you fit in. This does come back to how much you want to achieve and how soon you want things to start happening for you in your business.

I just thought I’d give you a rundown enough because it’s a distinction that don’t know a lot of people really realize and it’s I’ve heard about it quite a couple of times from one of my mentors especially Ray Higdon who is a great mentor in the network marketing space in network marketing profession.

I have actually in the description a link there to actually an attraction marketing company an affiliate program that will actually teach you all this and it’s actually a it’s a great system since that’s the great thing about system is the system’s work and with systems we can achieve extraordinary results with just simple systems.

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