Connecting and Adding Value on LinkedIn for Long Term Success

My name is Shane Adams and I’m writing this article on New Year’s Eve 2017, so tomorrow, 2018, 2018 is just around the corner. I’m writing this article, as I said on the New Years of 31st of December, 2017, 2017, to put a perspective on LinkedIn, connecting and marketing and giving value on LinkedIn and how is the best way to go about doing that to have success for both yourself and clients, people you come about and so forth.

I’ve been marketing and on LinkedIn now for a few years. I do have actually, according to LinkedIn, I have an all star profile. It’s pretty empowering to look at and very professional I have a media citation in my profile picture. That speaks 1,000 words in itself and speaks of authority and credibility.I’ll elaborate more on that. Now, the reason why you will be reading this is because you’re obviously a fellow professional on LinkedIn and you came to know, or want to learn more on how to connect more, how to add value and how to have great conversations and market that lead to success in your business, in your profession, whichever endeavor you’re in. It could be a non-profit organization, you could work for a non=profit organization. Whatever endeavor you’re in, in the field of endeavor you’re in, it helps if, as being a professional on LinkedIn you can know how to connect well, how to give value and how to market yourself and brand yourself essentially on LinkedIn. That’s what I’m going to address today.

Like I said, connecting with people on LinkedIn, connecting with fellow professionals, whatever profession you’re in. I’m a marketer myself. That’s my profession. Whatever profession field of endeavor that you’re in, it’s essential to connect, then communicate and then add value, be sincere and give value by connecting with people and then marketing your product or service or opportunity, whatever it is that you’re trying to get across to people that can help them and be beneficial to them in their life.

One of the things I wanted to point out with this is, is this here. Now, this is a webinar and course put together by a woman, a professional on LinkedIn by the name of Gloria. Gloria is a professional on LinkedIn and she’s made a successful business out of connecting, reaching out, adding value to people and marketing and having a lot of success with that because she’s bringing a lot of value to the marketplace, being sincere and genuine, which of course is what we need to be in order to have success for ourselves and help others become successful.

Gloria has put together, or has made a successful formula for connecting and marketing rather on LinkedIn. She’s put together this webinar and course, which I really recommend that you take a look at. I’ll put the links in the video description to this. Essentially, I’d really recommend that you take a look through this page at your own convenience.

Now, next thing I want to address is that one of the most important aspects on LinkedIn is authority, credibility and trust. I’m also a media citation reseller and what that means is, like I said, you noticed in my profile picture on LinkedIn I have a media citation. Primarily what that does is, what’s the first thing you look at when you see that? You think credibility because you’ve a lot of those networks on there. You say trust and you’ll immediately want to do business with this person because, or reach out to this person, is because they look like they’re an authority. They are an authority. If you can take advantage of this and get this logos on your profile, that way people can look at your profile when they do a keyword search and do LinkedIn SEO or look for particular keywords or just happen to come across your profile on LinkedIn, they will choose you first because you’ll stand out because of the logos in your profile picture.

When it comes to trust, credibility and authority, it is best to get these logos, because that way, we’ll be able to find you and you’ll be able to serve them better when you can be found using these media logos in your profile.

LinkedIn media expert Greg Wells explains more about this in the video. I’d really suggest that you have a look at that regarding becoming an authority and standing out and people to choose you all the time on LinkedIn.

Now, guys have you ever thought about keeping your options open and creating an additional residual income that’ll last long term? . I also work for an online global company, helping people become healthier and make additional income or long term residual income. This doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing. It does not interfere with your time schedule. Guys, If you feel open to additional ways of making money. What I’d suggest you do is put your details in here and I’ll get back to you and see if this can be a fit for you or not for if you’d like to create long term residual income, again, by helping other people.

There’s a saying by Zig Ziglar that is a favorite of mine and I really believe this. You can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.

I hope you’ve found value in this article and I suggest and hope that you will go out, do your best to give value, be sincere, be genuine about it and you’ll find that you’ll get what you want and you’ll be able to have success in life. I hope that this information has helped, implement this to become successful in 2018 and beyond. Happy new year guys and take care.

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