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How do you become recognized in your niche? Even if you don’t have that much experience, or no one knows who the heck you are. (laughs) Are you gonna help us today? And I’m going to go into what you really need to do. The fastest way that I have found to become a recognized authority in two different niches. And I learned this from some very very smart people. Not you. So in this video I’m gonna go over a couple of things. What you need to do to become an authority, the questions you need to ask. And then, some examples on how exactly to do this in different niches. Now the quickest way to do this is just become an educator.

You can basically out-teach your competition. So by creating content, sharing other people’s content, you become a recognized authority, a leader, a go-to person. And it’s very easy to do it’s a lot simpler than what most people think. So let me share with you what the process is that I do to create this content. So firstly, I start with these questions. Who am I trying to attract? What are their problems? Or, what desires do they have? And then I can come up with some content that can help solve those problems and come up with solutions for those desires. Now I’m going to give you some examples in a couple of different niches including the travel industry, the weight loss industry, the essential oils business, or, if you’re blogging about home business, in general. Then, I’m going to answer the question that you’re probably asking yourself, but Tracey, what if I have no authority? What if I don’t have any experience or results in these niches? That is okay. Let me get to that in a second.

So if you’re in the travel industry, maybe building a travel network marketing company, then a couple of content ideas could be Six Ways To Save Money While Traveling. The Four Questions To Ask A Hotel To Get An Upgrade. What if you’ve got some shakes to sell and you’re trying to do weight loss. Six Foods That Make You Fat. Four Foods To Avoid When You’re Trying To Lose Your Muffin Top. What if you’re in the essential oils business? Three Ways To Use Oils To Assist With Emotions. 21 Uses Of Lavender Oil Around The Home. Or if you’re in the home business industry and you want to give marketing at home business tips, then try something like this.

How To Use Your Blog To Build A Network Marketing Team. Three Conversation Starters For Recruiting On Facebook. Okay Daisy, so those topics are pretty easy to come up with. But most people then say, yeah but, I’m not an authority. Or, who am I to say these? Or, I don’t have any results yet. So I encourage people in the beginning to be more like a promoter, or a reporter. So if you don’t have any results to speak of yourself then share other people’s content, or share content and say where you’ve learned it from. So sometimes I might share a video on some blogging tips. And I might say, oh (laughs) she’s gone. So I might say, “Hey, I’ve just been watching “a webinar from (mumbling) today. “I just got some really cool tips on blogging “and I wanted to share them with you.” Or I might even buy a course on Facebook marketing, take notes, and then go and share that with my audience. See how easy it is to come up with content that makes you recognized, and a go-to person, and an authoritative leader in your niche. Now if you wanna go deeper into this topic and really make it work for you then I suggest you go and watch these new videos that (mumbling) has put out on this topic because he is the guy that I’ve learned how to do these.

And he completely changed my business with this marketing strategy.



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