Which Phase of Growth Are You In?


I’m going to be writing about my ideology around the four different stages of personal rise and how we can apply them to our life during different stages to amply maximize the result and focus on what’s important to us.

Shatter recalls which as I explained these different types of personal emergence I require you to remember that these stagecoaches do not go in any specific guild they can be interchanged by the day or by the month and they all work for you in different ways “they’re all” positive and they all have some downsides as well which I will excuse so let’s get into it the first type of personal growing is called open expansion.

If you can imagine a clique with arrows parting in all directions it is literally that open swelling you’re fulfill new people from no particular industry you’re just open to hearing about an idea is currently working on different things and only taking in everything that you can find thoughts a baby or a young child just seeing “the worlds” for the first time everything is new everything is an opportunity.

That’s the way that you can consider the world in this stage as well open expansion is just everything can be new and everything can be valid you’re taking lots of coffee sees and merely networking and detecting new activities and maybe not even focusing time in any particular area in this stage you’re thriving as a person you’re to increase your interests but you’re not necessarily moving in any one tendency.

If you’re a bit lost and you’re not sure where you’re going or if a lot of big hearted drastic changes have happened in your life it’s going to be open expansion that helps you discover your route the second largest type of personal rise is forward stretch see the same circle except you’ve got widening arrows but moment in one various kinds of specific attitude this is when you’ve gone through the open expansion chapter and you’ve been satisfy parties in a particular industry or at a specific time in a residence that find right to you you want to discover more about that area so you’re still germinating and you’re still gather new people and take coffee sessions and expanding your network and your social pastimes.

Concepts like that but you’re likewise kind of focusing in a particular tack you’re not moving fast because you’re still expanding your compass but you’re emphatically still moving in one tack the third type of personal increment is forward focus as opposed to forward expansion you’re really narrowing the gap and you’re pushing forward moving pretty quickly into a specific area that you’re very interested in this is when you might have a chore possibility or research projects possibility and you really only need to move forward by work now campaign you don’t need to expand or meet new people you’ve got beings that are working presenting defies to you but likewise giving you a lot of energy from spending time with them.

You’ve got a project that “you’ve been” care about and this is where you start excavating the deep well you sharpen your attention on that circumstance that you really want to do because you’ve discovered this area in the best interests that makes a ton of gumption to you so with this you’re really focused you’re not really expanding as much like you are in the first phase just discovering new people in different areas and niches that you might be interested in but instead you’re picking the one thing you’re moving forward and you’re going pretty quickly because you’re so focused on it the fourth type of personal rise is restricted focus.

It’s essentially the same as forward focus but instead of just going forward you’re actually constricting your focus it’s a duration of minimalism it’s where you are reducing the distractions in your life you’re not had met with people who don’t have anything to do with the project you’re working on or you’re not trying to meet new people from different industries that don’t have anything to do with it thought having a start up research projects or a specific product that you’ve discovered that you know is going to have a great market you just have to build it narrow focus is the time when you build it you go into a complete simply focus mode pates down and you crush it.

You’re looking for new opportunities different things you’re really going into it focusing improving creating the best part of all of this is you can apply these four different types of personal increment directly to your life and your life will tell you what it is that you need if you’re in a phase of terminated personal rediscovery or if some major events have happened in your life that have given you the opportunity to kind of rediscover and reinvent yourself you’re going to be in an open stretch chapter and by just knowing that you can really opening hours and open yourself to all kinds of new opportunities to distinguish that if you’re in a duration when you have that startup mind you’ve got the project you know what you need to work on I know that it’s very easy to go back into open stretch and disconcert yourself from what you really should be doing restricted focus and forward focus is when you have the opportunities and you just have to produce I would love to know what you think about the four phases of personal raise and how they are likely apply to different situations in our lives leave a comment below.


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