1 Hour Morning Routine

Here is a short daily tip so that that would give us our here all here just tips on how we can make ourselves more productive on anything to do with psychology and achievements and anything that would give us the edge so to speak when it comes to pursuing both our personal and our professional goals.

I really believe that to be professional to what we do we need to get our personal life in our personal agenda the right way also and my tip today is all about time management or productivity really because I think we get time management or being busy are confused with being productive because we can all be busy you know we can all be busy at the desk for like an hour sorting through things we need to do but there’s another thing to be productive and productive is essentially and I’ve learned a lot of this from our Brendon Burchard who of course is the world renowned high performance coach.

I’ve learned a lot of this from him and they is being productive is going after tasks that you know are going to get you where you need to go in his words moving the needle and this star tip  in the morning especially I believe can really set the tone for the rest of our day in other words it’s a morning habit that can really set us up for our diet for a day and that is where you get up in the morning not so looking at your email or your phone or anything for at least the era from for one hour and the reason behind this is what studies have shown when we when we first get up in the morning a lot of us actually we get we look at our mobiles and we look on the computer and all of a sudden were in reaction mode.

If we really want to be productive and have a great start the day on our terms and therefore continue the day on our terms what we want to do is focus on the agenda and some physical activity and our own personal development.

Now one thing I like to do a lot too is meditation so physical activity, personal development and meditation are what I really believe we should be doing in the first hour of course having breakfast taking a shower and I even taking the kids to school it’s also in that too if that if that’s what you need to do but you know if that’s if that’s included in your in your lifestyle or your morning routine.

I do believe that not looking at your email, not looking at Facebook or your phones for at least the first hour so that way you’re not in reaction mode you’re actually in productivity mode so I really believe guys that this is a something that can help us to fundamentally succeed better and get us more productive for your day as Brendan says move the needle in the direction of the success we want to achieve.

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