Month: February 2018

Which Phase of Growth Are You In?

  I’m going to be writing about my ideology around the four different stages of personal rise and how we can apply them to our life during different stages to amply maximize the result and focus on what’s important to us. Shatter recalls which as I explained these different types of personal emergence I require […]

When Will You Have Your Moment

  Start how many of you want to determine more fund pay attention it you can’t manufacture more fund if you don’t know what we’re doing here so the first thing is to decide hey I’m in the right place. Those people had to walk in that Stadium last-place night time say hey we in […]

Become An Authority In Your Field

How do you become recognized in your niche? Even if you don’t have that much experience, or no one knows who the heck you are. (laughs) Are you gonna help us today? And I’m going to go into what you really need to do. The fastest way that I have found to become a recognized […]

A New You

It is not the movement of the clock that produces a newness of life It is a movement in your thought You’re gonna hear all kinds of things to say something about you, Hurl it behind you The enemies that you see today, you will see them no more No artillery assembled against you shall […]

Empowered Vision

What is your vision in this point in time? Where do you want to go? What direction do you want to go in? Who do you want to become? How do you want other people to look upon you? What do you want them to think of you? How do you want to empower yourself […]